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Now A Days, Life Becoming More Smart With The Efficient Use Of Technology. Smartphone Becomes The Most Important Device Of Daily Life. Charging Smartphone Rightly Keeps It Work Properly. Sometimes We Don’t Care About Properly Charging Our Device. The Charger May Not Specified One For Your Device, It May Perform Up To Mark. Charging Correctly With The Best Charging Gadget Helps In Maintaining Good Health Of Your Smartphone & Other Devices. Use Low Quality Charger Sometimes May Harmful To Your Device.

Winergy | The Great Innovation

Scientist & Researcher Always Working To Create Great Products. The World’s Most Convenient Wireless Phone Charger Has Arrived! Winergy, The Latest Innovative Mobile Gadget Is Taking Proper Care For Your Device’s Good Health. Wireless 10w Fast Charging Universal For All Android &  iOS Devices And All Qi Compatible Devices. This The Best Gadget When You Consider Charging Many Devices. Here Are List Of Devices For Your Convenience. 

| List Of Phones Compatible For Wireless Charging

| List Of iOS Devices Compatible for wireless charging

| List Of Qi Compatible Devices For Wireless Charging


Winergy Becomes The Universal Wireless Mobile Charger

Winergy Wireless Charger Is Doing This Happen In A Very Convenient Way. You Don’t Need To Connect Your Phone With A Electrical Cord. Just Place Your Phone On The Winergy Surface And Phone Will Charge. The Charging Time May Differ From One Device To Another. Usually, Winergy Wireless Charger Works Very Fast. This Is Well Efficient And Support Qi Wireless Charging. This Tech Gadget Work For All Phones That Support Wireless Charging. 

Winegy | Product Specification

Product : Winergy Universal Mobile Charger

Manufacturing Company : Hyperstech

Country Of Origin : Estonia

Price : $49 (Per Unit)

Winergy | The Key Points

| 2x Quick Charging In Comparable Than The Others.

| Anti-Overcharging, Short Circuit Protection, Overload Protection And More

| High Tech Mobile Gadget To Recognize Foreign Body Provides Additional Safety. 

If You Are At Home And Have to Dash For The Charger, You Will Often Find That Out Of The Blue, Your Charging Wire Doesn’t Work Anymore. Perhaps You Have Tried Turning It Over Or Played About With The Wire Itself But It’s No Use, The Wire Is No More.

This Means To Scramble For Anyone, Primarily Let You Feel The Need For A New Charing Wire. One Thing That Won’t Let You Happen In Such A Way, Is A Wireless Charger, And There Is No Other Than The Winergy.

For Fastest Charge Time And For More Convenience, Charing Without Wire, Is A Impressive Gadget And A Must Have On If You Are A Proud Owner Of A Device That Does Compatible With Wireless Charing.

Winergy | Demonstrate Super-Fast Charging

The Fact With The Conventional Cord Chargers, More Specifically, Fact With The Cheap Wireless Charger, Is That They Are Often Slow To Charge Or Their Performance Continuously Become Low Over Time. 

The Benefits Of Having Winergy, Is The 3 Hours Maximum Charging Time. This Is Brilliant Compared To A Lot Of Other Conventional Mobile Charger. This Is Why Winergy Becomes The Popular Device. Also, It Holds This Level Of Performing For A Long Time. Rather Than Offering 3 Hours Charge Time Over A Month, Then Getting Worse, Winergy Give You A Fast Way Of Charging Your Device Every Time.  

Winergy | Effectively Saving Energy

The Majority People Think That A Fast Charger Must Be Expensive To Use. Although This Seems to Make Sense, With Winergy, It Doesn’t. While Manufacturing, Winergy Shown 84% Charging Efficiency. Some Of This Depends On Device Itself. Older Phones Tend To Take More Time.

Winergy | Elegant Looking Smart Gadget

One Problem With Wireless Chargers Is That They Often Look Bulky & Weighty. Everybody Wants To Use Good Looking Technology. Everybody Loves That His / Her Gadget Should Smart & Stylish. Winergy, Comes With Elegant Aristocrat Design. It Is Covered In Tempered Glass Which Gives It A Slick Appeal And Smooth Edges. The Lamp In The Mid Rim Is What Sets It Apart Though. It Glows Within The Black Design Giving It A Certain Appeal As It Goes Around The Entire Device.

Winergy | High Tech Gadget With The Most Convenient Way Of Charging

Cable Chargers Get In The Way, Everyone Know That. There’s Nothing Inconvenience That A Desk Is Scattered With Wire, Cluttering The Place Up And Making It Difficult To Concentrate.

Winergy Is A Smart Gadget That Don’t Need Any Cable / Wire Connection For Your Phone Unnecessary And Look Good Wherever You Put It. You Can Carry It Into Your Pocket Or Bag With Ease To Can Be Taken Anywhere Like A Conventional Mobile Charger.

Avail Great Deal For Every Order!

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