iWater Deluxe – The Eco Water Tap

iWater Deluxe

The world’s most intelligent automatic water-saving tap solution has arrived. Small, convenient and here to save you money, iWater Deluxe is a must-have for every home. Upgrade your ordinary tap to the next automation level with motion sensors. iWater Deluxe Allows You To Upgrade Your To Aristocracy To As In The Luxurious Hotels Have.


iWater Delux – Auto Water Saving Tap.

The Next Generation Auto Water Tap Has Just Arrived.



iWater Deluxe


Key Points:

>Takes up next to no room

>Can save hundreds a year in bills

>Converts a normal tap into an automatic tap with ease


iWater Deluxe Comes With Automotive Motion Sensor Which Represents The Best Innovation Of Latest Technology. You Never Guess When Your Ordinary Water Tap Come To Leaking And
Draining Off. You Need To Assign The Plumber, Ultimately Repairing Cost You Money. Fortunately, iWater Deluxe Is A Smart Gadget That Saves Your Money In The Long Run. Your Utility Cost Comes To Low. Moreover, iWater Deluxe Saves The Environment By Reducing Water Consumption. So, It’s Wise To Buy iWater Deluxe.


iWater Deluxe




iWater Deluxe Have Two Sensors. You Don’t Need To Touch It To Start / Stop. Just Hold Your Hand In A Distance Of Maximum 10 cm. iWater Deluxe Demonstrate Most Convenient & Easy To Use. Another Sensor Activate iWater Deluxe When You Need A Continuous Water Supply For 3 Minutes. You Can Manually Start / Stop It.

iWater Deluxe Is A Dual-Sensor Automatic Water Tap. It Is Well Fitted To Work Properly With A Long Lasting Battery. It Takes Up To 3/4 Hours To Take Full Charger And Works Up To Six Month With A Single Charge.


iWater Deluxe

iWater Deluxe



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